Animation creation


Classic frame-by-frame animation is very time-consuming and for the Internet it is completely unprofitable, as a rule.
On flash, you can make animation both frame-by-frame and by shifting (using motion tweening), also, in the latest versions of the program, the ability to create animation by skeleton has been added, and, of course, the use of symbols (animation pieces can be looped and used many times where needed). All this significantly helps to reduce time and make the animation faster. Of course, the animation on the skeleton, shifting or frame-by-frame will look different in each of these cases. It is most reasonable to combine these possibilities, achieving an optimal result.


Post-production and compositing for cartoons is work that can be carried out after the cartoon is ready.
This is an optional step (flash cartoons are usually made without it).
However, this stage should not be underestimated when it comes to using beautiful raster images in a cartoon, interesting colorful effects, creating a cartoon for TV. Animation can be in mixed media. For example, there may be a video of people shot with chroma key (on a green background, which is later removed during compositing).
Let’s say some people are dancing in this video. You can make animated backgrounds and put these dancing people there, that is, they will already be dancing in such a cartoonish country. Or, conversely, photos or videos can be used as a background, and animated characters can be superimposed on top.

You can, for example, shoot a video of a restaurant, and then make an animated chef who walks around the restaurant and tells how everything works in it. With the help of compositing, you can achieve a beautiful organic combination of animation with backgrounds, make color correction, etc. All this allows you to make the cartoon as attractive and complete as possible.


There are many animation programs out there. There are different techniques and animations and different versions of programs that allow you to create cartoons in various techniques. The most popular ones are: Adobe Flash, Toonz, Toon Boom Studio, Adobe After Effects, Anime Studio.

Flash has become a leader in creating animation for the web due to its flexibility.
Toon Boom Studio can be called an analogue, which has its own characteristics, of course, without such programming capabilities as a flash.
Toonz is more suitable for frame-by-frame animation.
After Effects is a very powerful program for creating effects, TV design, compositing, and you can also do animation with raster overlay in it.
Anime Studio is interesting for its simplicity, the ability to animate the skeleton and high-quality raster rendering.