How to create animated stories for Instagram

Your Instagram followers demand bread and circuses, so let’s take a look at three platforms for creating animated stories: Legend, Crello, and Mopico.


A free application that will quickly turn text into animation. You will spend only a few seconds to understand the menu. Available for IOS and for Android.

I’ll show you how to create a colorful story using the example of an announcement about the Helppy course. Download and open.

Applications immediately translates to text, 100 characters are available. If you want your own background, click on the picture icon and use your gallery.

When you’re done, move on to the “Next” button to choose your animation. A total of 18 variations are available.

If you do not want to upload a photo or picture to the background, choose a color scheme from those that the application offers – there are 17 of them.

It remains to save or immediately post to the social network. If you want to add music, I recommend the InShot app.

Here is another animation example for SMM Food. Fast and beautiful.


Ukrainian online editor for working with visuals, which boldly competes with Canva. The main advantage is a bank with animations. The platform offers six thousand templates for pictures, banners, covers and certificates. Paid only for individual elements, backgrounds and stock pictures. Their price is not higher than 0.99 dollars. Animated templates in the public domain.

Let’s check how he will help us with stories. I will make an announcement for the Helppy Lite course and the marketing course for SMM Food restaurants.

Register, after which you will be transferred to create a new design.

There was a minus – if you select a new design for the size of stories, and it is 9:16 centimeters, then you will not find animated templates. Let’s try to make it in a standard size, after which I will talk about the Inshot application, which will edit the size. Let’s move on to templates. Click on the Animated Post option.

On the left you will see a list of available templates, decide on the animation. When you click on the text field, feel free to type your own, and an additional menu will open on the left, where you can change the font, its size and color.

Click on the “Play” button at the bottom of the page and admire what happened.

Let’s download the result.

By the same principle, I made an animation for SMM Food. The variety of templates is amazing.

If the text is not too wide, the video will fit in stories without unnecessary editing. But it’s better to have a backup plan, I’ll tell you about Inshot.

Transfer your video to your mobile and download the InShot app. It will edit the size, duration and add music.

Select a new project and upload a video from the gallery.

Now go to the “Size” section and enter 9:16.

Let’s move on to music. There are about 40 songs of different styles in the section.

It remains to save. To avoid the watermark, you will have to upgrade to a paid version: $2.99 ​​per month, $9.99 per year, or for $29.99 you can buy the advanced version forever.


An application with which you can add animated stickers to a picture or photo. Templates are free – choose what you like. I will create stories about recruitment for the first stream of the marketing course for SMM Food restaurants.

Mopico offers to shoot something new, download it from the gallery, find it on the Internet, add a background or use a template. There are very few templates, four or five variations. I previously prepared a picture with which I will work and saved it to the mobile gallery.

Let’s move on to animated stickers. Built-in 80 pieces, click on the plus sign and you will see another five or six free sets. Install and use.

I chose and placed the stickers I liked on the picture.

As a result, “Mopico” will save your picture in the gallery, send it to Instagram or to another device. Even sms drop.

Ready! Load in boldly in stories or add music with the help of “Inshot”.