How to make a mini movie out of animation

Insocial media, 2 million videos are published every day. This is the easiest content to consume: watching videos is more convenient than reading, and usually more interesting than listening to podcasts. In addition, videos evoke more emotions, which means reactions. For example, on Instagram, one post without a video has 1.61 comments, and a video with a video has 2.7.

Social networks understand this, and therefore they actively promote posts with videos. It doesn’t matter which platform you develop your brand on, the algorithms of any of them are more likely to recommend you to users if you post videos. Keep this in mind when choosing between a carousel of photos and videos assembled from the same shots.

Remember that animation helps explain complex things?

This applies not only to simple gifs, but also to text mini-movies. This format has taken root well on YouTube and Instagram. It makes an ordinary story with pictures dynamic and interesting video. The format is very popular and simple, you just need to learn what the audience is interested in and how to make text animation.

The authors of the project “In short, media” answer strange scientific questions with such text clips. Too bad they don’t show this in school!

Another example of a simple animation is the story about the company on Instagram of Mary Truffle’s wedding dress salon. A video in a post is a simple animation of static elements, but the content and neat design make such a video attractive:

In Canva, it is easy to repeat this technique. Let’s figure out how to create an animation by editing a small movie from photos. For example, a report on an event or a catalog for stories. Due to the movement, an animated album looks more interesting than a regular album, so your audience will be more willing to watch it.

In order to make a movie, let’s collect photos on several slides. We took a simple and minimalistic template so that the decorative elements do not distract from the center of the frame – beautiful shots.

In the “Save” tab, select “Animation” and set the effects. We use the Rise animation to make the photos appear to rise from below.

The last step is choosing a format. Choose how to create the animation – as .mp4 or .gif – depending on where you intend to place the finished At mini movie. For Instagram, a video format is suitable, for a website or blog, gifs are usually used.

Use this template

So the recipe is simple: use Presentation Mode or the Animation feature to make your design dynamic and draw your audience’s attention to your ideas. Add videos and GIFs to social media and your website to increase reach and engagement. Finally, tell stories and save your favorite shots as mini movies.

Making a paper cartoon

A great option for children, if you still clicked on the link in search of an option for joint entertainment with a child. Skills in origami, appliqué, drawing and paper cutting will help to make an animated video more interesting.

The essence of the technique is that you consistently play out a paper scene on an improvised photo table – you can do it right at home in a well-lit place and with a camera on a tripod. Any smartphone is suitable for shooting, as long as it is static, because each photo should be taken at the same angle and in the same light – this makes the result cleaner and more professional.

The procedure is simple:

  • Collect the light and set the camera on a tripod;
  • Lay out the scene from paper in the frame;
  • Take a photo;
  • Step by step change the scene within the boundaries of the frame;
  • You assemble animation from frames in the application for editing on a smartphone or in a program on a PC.

How to create your own lego cartoon

Lego and similar constructors are a very interesting material for creating home animation. Perhaps it is in the life of the figurines from thematic sets that you will find inspiration for filming a whole series. Such series are very popular on YouTube and monetize well, like all animation.

The procedure for working with Lego is the same as with paper: build a frame and shoot. The most difficult thing is to collect pictures into a sequential cartoon, but a good program will help here. Well-chosen transitions and filters will help add dynamics and turn your hobby into a good source of income from video ads.

How to create a cartoon from plasticine

Surely you remember the legendary plasticine crow from the Soviet cartoon. Arm yourself with a smartphone and a box of plasticine, and you can create something similar, most likely better than the original. An unplowed field for experiments for those who want to create animation with their own hands.

The principle of obtaining material for editing is identical to the previous options: one photo – one frame. And don’t worry that you need to take thousands of shots for a short animation clip, sometimes the clumsy scenes of plasticine cartoons look very advantageous. In any case, the main thing is the story and the frame rate, the rest – the viewer will always be there.

How to make hand drawn animation

To create a hand-drawn animation, in addition to creativity and editing skills, you will need the ability to draw. It is most convenient to do this on special graphics tablets, although often even pros prefer to work with a regular mouse. In any case, you will have to draw, and usually in special editors for animation, a graphic editor is built in for drawing frames of a future cartoon.

The order of working on animation in its classic form is as follows: create a project in a cartoon drawing program, draw a background and characters, create scenes and frames, save the result as a video. The more complex the worlds and characters will be, the longer it will take to work on each episode. But let this not scare you, because it is not necessary to strive for the highest detail of every moment of the cartoon. Sometimes a primitive walking man looks much more advantageous than a 3D hero worked out to the smallest detail.

Stages of creating cartoons

We figured out the creative approaches, now let’s look at the whole process step by step: how to create a cartoon that will be watched. It is clear, after all, that everyone wants to create a literally viral animated video. And virality is not always determined by the quality and professional experience of the creator. In world practice, there are thousands of proofs of how amateur creativity, thanks to platforms for publishing video content, became insanely popular overnight.

Come up with a cartoon. Whether you’re looking to break into the top YouTube views or just having fun with the kids, making a cartoon always starts with an idea. On your own or with the whole company, think of who the video will be about, what the characters will be like, what they will do and what meaning they will convey to the viewer. Even if you are going to use Lego or plasticine, at least sketch the future heroes on paper – for an example and to present the overall picture in the frame.

Write a script. Practice on a short format, you don’t need to immediately strive to draw or mold a two-hour full-length movie from plasticine. Most likely, you will quickly burn out and give up the idea. At the same time, even when the video, according to the creator’s intention, will last some 3-5 minutes, you need to write a script – carefully prescribing dialogues, scenes, characters, scenery there. This will help at the stage of shooting and editing, you will not regret the time spent.

Prepare your camera and everything you need. Set up your shooting location so that you can easily capture all of your photos without moving your camera. You can shoot on a smartphone, but it’s better to turn off all communication channels in advance, nothing should distract you from the process. Sometimes, especially with paper, jerks in the frame look appropriate, but it’s important not to overdo it with this either.